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One And Two Day Courses

Wearable Art

Pashmino Parties, Shibori Designer Shirts and T-ShirtsLearn the basics of Shibori dyeing, make a fashionable pashmino or silk shirt. Turn your old clothes into a new fashion statement with embossing, dyeing, and fabric painting.

Kids Classes / Half Term Art Club
Carole Smollan is passionate about teaching kids to paint. With many years experience teaching children to access their creative processes and to work through projects with many different mediums. Learning to see and pay attention to details enhances all children's learning ability.

Paper Clay
Use modern paper clay to sculpt and paint, emboss with metal papers and use imprinting to make marks. This can be done after the course in your own home without a kiln.

Heirloom Challah Cover
Using laces and tea dyeing you’ll learn to make an antique challah cover straight out of grandma’s attic! Using transfers, embossing, embellishing and threads - you’ll discover creative processes to use again and again for gifts and projects.

Chuppah Collage - Invite 10 Friends for Champagne and Laughter!
Each participant will make a square and help you collate a chuppah to hand from generation to generation. Chuppah backing, paints and materials will all be supplied - A night to remember.

New skills and ideas for teaching children ART teacher groups,learn new approachesand how to use all the contemporary fiber art materials on the market
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