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Ritual textiles of the 21st century are the art of the everyday and the fabrics used an analogue of the process of our Jewish life. They connect us to our forebears and to our faith. Create new heirlooms to hand from generation to generation and teach our young people of the traditions we value. PERSONALIZE with names, dates, parasha, events and themes

Re invent the Trousseau
Miniature Torah Mantles
Used by travellers of old, in case of not reaching home in time for shabbat. 
Challah Covers
Recent Commissions

Mini torah mantles £150.00 Challah covers TBA
Tree of life £65.00 
Looking for a toastmaster or master of ceremonies Jonathan on 

Preserve your family history with a commissioned work of art  

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email me for all personalized gifts,please allow 2-4 weeks as they are all handmade